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Track Cleaning solutions   
Electrical continuity

As the power to run all electric motors within model trains comes via the track, it is important to keep the track and wheels clean. If you don't running becomes erratic and may  stop altogether.

Traditionally you could make use of Track Rubbers and polish dirt from the track, or choose the track cleaning vehicle from a particular manufacturer. We list these on this page.

However there is now a third alternative - a clip on track cleaning pad with fits most N, HO and OO scale rolling stock. Simply clip the unit onto a suitable wagon, add some cleaning fluid and run it as part of the normal train. The main advantage is a cleaning solution which operates whenever a train is running, but blends into normal trains - the track cleaning wagons are typically made to stand out from the norm.. 



Clip on track cleaning packs -OO/HO and now N scale

Each pack contains three disposable track cleaning units - when they become too dirty simply replace with another.

In OO, Suitable for rolling stock with a maximum axle diameter of 3.5mm. Including Marklin, Trix, Hornby, Piko, Bachmann & Fleischmann. While N scale fits Graham Farish, Minitrix & Fleischmann

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New Labelle #105 DCC Track Conditioner: (Works Great on DC Analog Layouts also!)

Using DCC controls on your layout really enhances the operation of your trains, but there is still one weak point in the system, and that is the locomotive still has to pick up not only the power from the rails, but also the digitized micro-signals being sent to the on board decoder from your DCC controller.

If your track is dirty, this can cause some stuttering in your loco operation and maybe even a break in these micro-signals which can cause your decoder to just shut down, or worse, refuse to accept any new commands you try to send to it. A sure sign of dirty track is flickering locomotive headlights.

LaBelle has studied this problem, and now is introducing LaBelle #105 "DCC Track Conditioner". Just clean your track with this product, and leave a micro-coating on the rails of LaBelle #105 and it will dramaticly improve your DCC reliablity. (We have done testing on private layouts with this new product and everyone who has used it, has been impressed by the improvement in Locomotive control.

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Abrasive Track Rubber

Simply hold and rub across the top surface of your rails - this is the only method suitable for remove tough dirt marks such as pen, or to give an initial clean to track which has not be used recently.

Tack care to remove excess loose rubber from the track once you have finished as the small metal particles can get into locomotive motors.

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Track Cleaning coaches

Hornby produce a bright yellow Track Maintenance van, using the short 4 wheel passenger coach model. The pad on the underside of the model cleans the track as it runs around the layout.

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