Faller Roadway System    
Real Operating Cars & Lorries

Faller produce two different OO/HO road way systems, both of which can be used as the base for operating any of their vehicles. The most popular system is the Faller Car System which is explained here - for the Play Street Car System please click here for separate info

The Faller Car Systems are a fascinating technical innovation for modellers - both rail and car based. Each vehicle includes an integral motor powered by rechargeable batteries, while a steerable front axle guides the vehicles through the streets, using a specially strong magnet mounted on a triple steering link on the vehicles, along the roads.

Our guide to the system is designed to give information about the system in general and identify some of the most suitable items for UK modellers.

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Getting Started

There are a wide range of starter sets available from Faller - with some entering and leaving the range each year.

The contents of each set can vary slightly but usually includes the following:

  • One vehicle fitted with motor and batteries for use on the built system.

  • A transformer (with European socket) for recharging the batteries.

  • 10M of the guide wire

  • UK plug adaptor.

  • Either a packet of the roadway plaster mix, road markings, crash barriers and roadway paint or a set of card roadway pieces.

  • English instructions ( and yes you do get to laugh at the funny grammar as these have been translated from the original German!)

Depending on the set you may also get  an automated stop section

The Vehicles

Each model vehicles includes the following:

A long running, powerful, fully enclosed motor.

Long lasting rubber tyres on all wheels

2 rechargeable batteries (cell type 2.4v)

Built in recharging socket (no need to remove batteries to charge)

Many hours of running following each charge

Charging time is approx 7 hours

Some models are equipped to haul a second trailer - these are marked as 'Ro-La' in the paper catalogue


Installing the Guide way wire

There are three ways of laying the guide wire around your planned circuit:

1. Using the Roadway Filler included in many of the starter packs you simply place the wire in position, secure with sellotape and then place a skim of the made up plaster mix over the top. once it dries simply scrape an uneven patches away using the Faller Special Scraper - code FAL694

2. Using the Card roadway pieces. (we explain more about these later). Place the guide wire into the pre scribed slot and stock the printed roadway onto the top of the card piece. For a wider range of road surfaces you can check out the Noch range of Roadway papers here.

3. Using any wooden surface. If you want to keep the level of roadway as thin and low as possible - or where Roadway filler can't be used (perhaps over a pre built bridge?) then Faller produce a little electric saw which cuts a grove into timber. The Groove Cutter (code FAL161669) has been specially designed by Faller for their car system, simply connect to a low power 12V DC power source (e.g. from your train transformer) and off you go. Not suitable for children as the blade is sharp enough to cut through fingers as well as wood.


Non Germanic models

A look through the full range will reveal many sets and vehicles, as Faller is a German country they include models which may not appear frequently outside of their own country - so here are a few suggestions for models which have no German branding (the models are all left hand drive and will have German number plates however).

In the starter sets:

FAL161624 Military Red Cross Bus, system includes the Roadway Filler road option.

FAL161628 Orange coloured bus, system includes the Roadway Filler road option and stop section.

FAL161697 Mercedes Long Distance Coach with Blue and White livery, system includes the Roadway Filler road option and stop section.

FAL161699 MAN Fire Engine, system includes the Roadway Filler road option and stop section.

and in the vehicle range:

FAL161621 MAN old style lorry and trailer.

FAL161646 MAN Rubbish Lorry

FAL161695 Mercedes Van finished as an Ambulance

FAL161643 Weathered Bus in white

FAL161692 Long Distance coach with black glass and grey livery



The guide wire itself is not connected to any power supply.

The transformer for recharging the vehicles batteries includes  moulded European 2 pin plug, we supply an adaptor with each set.

Accessories which require power - such as passing places, points and traffic lights can be connected to a 12v DC or 16v AC output from a model railway transformer - Faller produce a rectifier (FAL161668) if you plan to use an AC supply.

You can also buy extra transformers to charge more than one vehicle at a time (don't forget to buy one EU to UK plug adaptor for each transformer)


Card Road System

We have already mentioned the separately available packs of Card road way when we discussed how to lay the guide wire. These are the simplest, quickest and least messy way of starting your roadway system. 

They also provide a handy guide for laying wires around corners or across crossings and points. Finally if you want to change or fix the roadway system in any way these are the least difficult way of doing so.

Each pack of cards include two separate components. A base piece made from heavy duty thick card which includes a pre grooved line ready to accept the guide wire and end pieces which connect to each other. Simply connect up pieces of roadway like a jigsaw. You can mix items from different packs to form complex roadways, and cut each piece to customise its length.

Once the card sections are all in place, lay the guide wire onto them and use sellotape to hold in place - then use the second item from the pack to complete the roadway. Simply remove the backing paper and the self adhesive road surface can be laid onto the card base.

To finish you can add roadway markings (available separately)

The range of Card sections includes:

FAL161650 Pack of 6 straight sections (each 30cm long)

FAL161660 6 Radius 1 curved sections (R1 - 212mm, pack contains 4 x 45 deg sections and 2 x 90 deg sections to make a complete loop) 

FAL161665 4 Radius 2 curved sections (R2 = 424mm, pack contains 4 x 45 deg sections)

FAL161661 Crossroads 

FAL161662 2 Points sections (1 x Left Hand , 1 x Right Hand to make branches)

FAL180591 Roadway Markings (self adhesive, rub on lettering)

For a wider range of road surfaces you can check out the Noch range of Roadway papers here.

Roadway Plasters

You can buy extra boxes for filler to expand your roadway system.

FAL180500 Roadway Filler 500g

FAL180506 Roadway Paint 250ml

Making Your Point

If you want your vehicles to vary from the straight single line, then adding points will allow you to do this.

The using required are:

FAL161676 Branch off junction unit, electro mechanically controlled with moving points.

and FAL161677 Branch off junction motor


Standard Extras

Faller have a  few items which you can add to your Roadway:

FAL180594 Road Signs (German 1948-1977)

FAL180595 Road Signs (European 1977-1985)

FAL180591 Roadway Markings, self adhesive rub on style.

FAL180592 Crash Barriers (80cm total length)

FAL180587 Bus stop shelter, timber construction.

FAL161657 Level Crossing - cross single rail tracks easily.

FAL161670 10M of Guide Wire

FAL161690 Transformer to recharge batteries. (EU socket)

ONT009 EU to UK socket adaptor

More Movement & action!

Faller very nicely also produce some great bits to make the whole system even more interesting. These units normally require some drilling to install sensors into the baseboard and changes to the guide wire route - it's best to add them as you build or extend your system rather than after!

FAL161671 Bus Stop Pack. This allows you to build an operational bus stop. Including electronic control section, 3 sensors for controlling vehicles, 1 electronic junction, 1 stop, extra vehicles magnet, english instructions. Extra sensors are available to expand use of bus stop to extra vehicles.

FAL161672 Petrol Station. This pack contains all the parts to build an operational petrol station.  Including electronic control section, 3 sensors for controlling vehicles, 1 electronic junction, 1 stop, extra vehicles magnet, english instructions. Extra sensors are available to expand use of bus stop to extra vehicles.

FAL161673 Road Works & Traffic lights. This pack contains all the parts for building a functioning road works site, including two working traffic lights with switch gear, warning lights along the road works, barriers with flashing lights, electronic control with adjustable flash sequence speed and traffic signs.

FAL161674 Parking Space, For permanent stopping of vehicles in car parks.

FAl161678 Distance Control. For smoothing the road traffic on your installation. On crossing the built in stop module, a vehicles will activate a time adjustable hold up for a following vehicles. This will automatically extend the distance between the two vehicles.

The stop, go and traffic light units are also available separately

Freight on Rail.

This is the ultimate in freight integration. Using the Roll-On, Roll-Off expansion packs will allow you to drive your vehicles onto suitable railway vehicles, stop and then allow them to be moved to another point on your railway before automatically off loading.

FAL161680 Roll on, roll off starter set. Expand your Faller roadway system using this pack. Includes two inserts for fitting onto suitable railway freight vehicles (Marklin 4740, 4796, 4797 or Fleischmann 5270), 4 vehicles stop magnets, 2 loading units, one loading ramp and one loading platform, contact wire and full english instructions. This set will allow you to move one vehicles from you standard roadway system onto the loading ramp and onto the waiting railway vehicles, stopping once it reaches the correct point. Move the railway wagon onto its train, and at reach its destination the Faller vehicles will move off the railway wagon onto another loading ramp and rejoin your railway layout!    You will need to drill some large holes under the track to install the unit and add the inserts supplies to a separately purchased railway freight vehicle.

You can also expand the system by using the following:

FAL161681. Truck expansion set, allows you to add further trucks to your train load (requires further railway vehicles purchased separately).

FAL161682 Loading Platform. To unload your vehicles, at a different point on your layout use a second loading ramp.

FAl161683 Roll on -Roll Off function element. To use a second loading ramp you will also need second element to trigger the vehicles to move on and off the railway vehicle



If you need to obtain a replacement item for your Faller Roadcar system, you can do this by visiting the main catalogue link for HO models.